Hollister CPA Services, LLC

The Firm’s tax practice encompasses addressing federal, state and local tax accounting issues in the context of structuring transactions and business enterprises, tax planning and consulting and representing individual and business clients in tax litigation.  Hollister CPA advises and represents clients in the following areas:

o   Federal Individual Taxation: Hollister CPA provides expert advice and counsel to both individuals and privately held corporations regarding all aspects of U.S. taxation, including alternative minimum taxes, passive activity limitations, intricate capital gains issues, foreign earned income exclusion calculations, incentive stock options and at-risk limitations.

o   Corporate/Partnership/LLC Taxation:  The Firm works closely with clients on diverse and complex issues involving classification of business entity, company agreement, corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, partnership taxation, loss limitation rules, disguised sales and built-in gains issues, allocation and disposition of partnership/LLC interests and tax impact of legal entity dissolution.

o   State and Local Taxation: Hollister CPA represents clients in matters involving the Texas franchise tax and Texas property tax protest issues.